Miley_is_Fast-c0.jpgBenson_Bella_Chillin-c32.jpgTiger-c18.jpgGuinea-Hat-c64.jpgChloe_Front-c43.jpgClose-up_Carly-c99.jpgFilo_Chole (1)-c75.jpgHunter_On_Back-c31.jpgOreo-and-a-Friend-c17.jpgFilo_Chole-c21.jpgCarly_Sunning_Self-c9.jpgGG-Guinea-c7.jpgHead_Shot-c5.jpgGuinea-Three_in_Shell-c28.jpgMaeve_Under_Blanket-c42.jpgCarly_Portrait-c99.jpgPuppy_dark_opt-c33.jpgGG-Guinea-In_Basket-c72.jpgTiger_Cute-c85.jpgOreo-Guinea-Blocks-c69.jpgMaeve_Winter-c37.jpgMiley's_Eyes-c84.jpgTiger_Mouse-c97.jpgPeanut-Guinea-Apple-c67.jpgTiger_Getting_Tail-c12.jpgPeanut-Guinea-flowers-c63.jpgPuppy_Milo-10-c60.jpgOreo-c26.jpgPuppy-c51.jpgRomeo_opt-c28.jpgThree-in-a-Basket-c89.jpgTiger_Head-c79.jpg
We photograph mostly dogs and cats. That does not mean we will not photograph other pets. Does not matter to us “Wild or Mild” We promise to get the shot! The key to our success is patience. We will bring out your pets’ coloring and coat, the sparkle in their eyes, and most of all your friends’ personality.

Dress up your pets in their favorite outfit. Bring their favorite toy. These will help bring out their personalities

Your images are available singly or in an album. Choose from wallet size to a 20 x 30 canvas framed print. Gift Certificates available. For more information see our price list.

We will photograph your pet in your home, outdoors or in our studio call (414) 791-1720 for more information.